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One of my passions as a Funeral Celebrant is creating a ceremony that not only authentically reflects the person who has passed but also creates ritual and storytelling for the family and friends left to grieve.

Perhaps it’s a war veteran Dad or Grandpa who fought for his country; a loving Grandma whose scone recipe won prizes at the local show; a much loved Nona whose delicious spaghetti sauce recipe has been handed down for generations; a son or daughter taken too soon or a much awaited bub born sleeping.

As a story listener and a story teller, I welcome the opportunity to help you create a funeral or memorial service that lovingly and compassionately encircles the emotion of the circumstances of the passing of your family member or friend.

Did you know you can choose your own Funeral Celebrant and are not obligated to use that chosen by the funeral home? As an independent Funeral Celebrant I can liaise with your choice of funeral director on your behalf or if you prefer, put you in contact with those funeral directors who I think may align with your beliefs and wishes.

Mixing grief with a fear of public speaking can cause great anxiety at a funeral, but my advice is when you speak from the heart, it rarely misses the spot. But if it all goes a little pear-shaped on the day, that’s ok as I’ll be right there to support you. And if the thought of writing a eulogy triggers memories of writing essays at school, or you just don’t know where to start, that’s my specialty, so let’s create together. I can share some ideas with you that will get you started.

Want to create a funeral service out of the ordinary? Absolutely you can. Within reason. While traditional ceremonies still have their place in today’s society, a whole new space has opened up which can include a funeral at home, caskets that fall more softly in the environmental space such as wicker and cardboard and what about a shroud that can be decorated and lovingly hold your loved one. There’s lots of possibilities to explore and it makes sense to include your funeral wishes in your end of life plan.

Feel free to reach out to discuss any ideas you may have or to book me for an upcoming funeral or memorial service.


Unfortunately, there are a lot people who make big money from death. This was clearly evident on my recent journey of loss. Our loss was just another service to them. Go through the process, tick off the boxes, rushing to their next grieving family.

However. not Ruth. Ruth is an absolute credit to the Funeral Celebrant sector. Her support, compassion & kindness made the painful experience of planning a funeral for my Mother just that little bit easier. One extra thing to not have to deal with.

Ruth took the time to visit our family home & get to know us, and who Mum was. As a person. Not in death. Ruth encouraged what we wanted in a service. She gave guidance only where needed. Ruth spoke of my Mother with friendly warmth and compassion. She had it all covered!

Respectfully & hopefully, I won’t need her services again any time soon. But if I do, Ruth is the only Funeral Celebrant I would use for any of my beloved family members.

Ruth is much more than a Celebrant. She was that deep breath when I couldn’t catch my own. Highly recommend.

~ Louise, Brisbane


After the recent death of my husband, Ruth was a great help with organising his funeral. Even though it was a Requiem Mass in the Catholic faith, conducted by the local Parish Priest, Ruth guided me with thoughtfulness and sincerity to create a beautiful service. She helped me navigate all the necessary paperwork and choices with the funeral director right down to the choice of casket and flowers. Ruth liaised with the parish office on the order of service and chose a selection of hymns, always checking in with me along the way to ensure I was happy with her selection. As Ruth knew my husband well, she delivered a beautiful eulogy that epitomised the essence of my husband perfectly.

I was so grateful for everything that Ruth did for me during this time, and would highly recommend her as a Funeral Celebrant of choice.

~ Carolynn, Gold Coast